The answer must be that the Rockefeller-owned Federal Reserve is laundering money to the military-industrial complex via such oligarchs as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, etc.  That is how they were able to shut off U.S. President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, etc.  They are also behind the U-Tube censorship of pandemic truth etc.

What puzzles many is why the U.S. dollar is not collapsing despite the money supply almost quintupling in a year? The answer of course is that the Rockefeller and their ilk can print dollars for use inside the U.S., but cannot spend them outside of the country.  That is why they are pumping up the stock market and handing out checks to ordinary citizens in an attempt to pacify them.

Of course, all that free money means lots of people have no incentive to work and that is why small and medium enterprises cannot find staff.  Remember, Communism failed in the USSR because hard work didn’t pay, so nobody worked hard.

As in the case when the USSR failed, the failed USSA is experiencing increasing social turmoil and crime.  The latest disturbing sign of this was that there were an astonishing 54 mass shooting incidents in the last month. alone.

The other interesting thing that is happening is that Americans are waking up to debt slavery and refusing to borrow Fed funny money laundered through banks.  That is why big U.S. banks now have 100% or more worth of deposits than they have loans.  This is a sign of systemic failure.

The following two bits of economic news from last week illustrate what this policy is doing to U.S. power internationally:

“The U.S. trade deficit grew to a record $71.1 billion in February as a decline in exports more than offset a slight dip in imports.”

“China GDP grows record 18.3% in Q1 as exports drive industry”

The Chinese are buying up U.S. government bonds to finance the U.S. trade deficit because they have been offered U.S. overseas holdings in exchange, dragon family members explain.

The latest example of this is Resident Biden promising to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan while China proposes sending “peacekeeping troops,” to the same country.  In other words, the Rockefellers, etc. told the Chinese “we will give you our Afghan heroin business if you help keep us in charge of the U.S.”

The other thing of course is that U.S./Western foreign policy is like a broken record repeating the same things over and over again:

“Iran is about to get nukes, we have to attack!”; “North Korea just fired more missiles into the ocean, the Japanese have to buy more missile defense!”; “Russia is about to invade Ukraine, time to sell more tanks to NATO!”; “Al-Qaeda, IS, BLM, ANTIFA etc.  are causing terror, time for more fascism!” “SARS, EBOLA, BIRD FLU, COVID-19 are going to kill everybody, time to give up human rights and get vaccinated!” etc.

Fortunately, there appears to be high-level recognition that this is no way to run a planet.  Our MI6 sources say that a “face-to-face summit with the Rothschild Dynasty,” is being arranged to discuss the “amalgamation of BIS Basle, the World Bank, the IMF, and the UN.”

The Swiss Branch of the Knights Templars, the military branch of the Zionist Khazarian faction that wants to rule the world from Jerusalem is also now ready to negotiate with the White Dragon Society and their allies according to WDS and Templar sources.

If all goes well, a WDS representative will go to Switzerland, possibly in May, to begin the concrete process of setting up a Future Planning Organization for the planet.  The basic principle is that control of this organization would be split 50/50 between East and West with each side having a veto over the other.  The initial funding for the organization is expected to be $100 billion.  Any further funding would be linked to actual, concrete projects that would be put out to the private sector for competitive bidding.  Assuming enough viable projects could be found, annual funding is expected to rise into many trillions of dollars.

The era of running the planet based on fear of manufactured enemies will end soon.  The new paradigm will be for us to ask, “Where do we want to go now and how do we get there?”  The world will be transformed from a prison planet into a paradise on earth.

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