RESTORE THE RULE OF LAW, EXPLODES IN POPULARITY: FOX News’ Tucker Carlson Sets Record for Largest Audience in Cable News History by Calling for Equal Justice Under the Law and Free Speech

(Justin Deschamps) The restoration of the true rule of law, in my opinion, is the single most important aspect of what we as a people are facing. This is not only true for the issues we face today but has also been true for every epoch wherein humanity suffers under tyranny, as I will briefly explain shortly. In what might be the most uplifting aspect of the current events, Tucker Carlson’s show about equal justice under the law (which is the true rule of law) set the record for the largest audience in cable news history. This is a huge and sweeping indication that indeed a Great Awakening is upon us, and finally, we might be able to secure lasting peace and prosperity for our world, which has suffered cycles of encroaching darkness and freedom for all of known human history.