This Italian politician is one of the sheeple who is waking up to the fake nature of this pandemic as he fact-checked and found out the so-called coronavirus deaths were nothing of the kind:

Here you can see the real causes of death, which are mostly heart attacks and cancer:

The Chinese and the Russians though, are fully aware the U.S. regime has been trying to kill us all off with bioweapons.  Check out these official statements:

“We took note of the statement made by the Russian Foreign Ministry … The United States has created many laboratories in the territory of the former Soviet Union, which evokes serious public worries in the neighboring countries concerned,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang on Wednesday (April 28)

The official Xinhua News Agency meanwhile said:

“Washington must respond to the concern that the belated and chaotic U.S. response has actually accelerated the spread of the virus to more places around the world.”

This is as diplomatically close as they can come to blaming the U.S. for spreading the pandemic without an actual declaration of war.

Since the bioweapon attack has turned out to be a dud, there is now a serious ongoing attempt by the cabal to kill us with electromagnetic weaponry.

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This is getting close to home.  Last week the veterinarian I take my dogs to approached me with a fascinating story.  He said they did a 5G experiment at Zenpukuji Park, which is close to my home in Western Tokyo:

“Birds started to fall out of the sky.  I was called over and I took 3 dead pigeons back to my hospital and examined them.  They all had ruptured lungs as if something had messed with the sodium ions in their bodies.  Also, they all had symptoms identical to feline infectious peritonitis (a coronavirus that destroys the lungs of cats)”.  He said it was “not naturally possible,” for pigeons to get a cat coronavirus.

Birds are apparently also dropping out of the sky in other places like Australia.

We have previously been told by Dr. Michael Meiring and others that HIV was created by taking a cat disease and mixing it with genes from African green monkeys and other nasty stuff to make it infectious to humans.

These people need to be removed from all positions of power ASAP and this is exactly what is now happening.  The final bastion of their control grid is the corporations and the banks.  That is why the U.S. corporate government and its financial system need to be imploded.

One way this is being done is by collapsing the price of oil.  The negative oil prices seen recently are driving the computer speculators out of the oil market.  The same is being done for other commodities.  The idea is to separate the financial speculators from real-world business.

The cabal is fighting back by trying to destroy people’s livelihoods by shutting down the economy with the fake pandemic lockdown.  This battle can be seen as the stock market rebounds (enriching the cabal) while the U.S. adds a record 30 million unemployed (impoverishing the people).

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These Satanic rulers are so arrogant they still leave public signs of their activity, notably the number 666.  For example, the FRB’s balance sheet reached $6.66 trillion on April 29th while Italy’s crime rate fell 66.6% due to the lockdown.

As things now stand, the U.S. military is the only institution capable of dealing with the collapse of the Satanic U.S. Corporation.  A total of 1,031,03 reserves are being called up to ensure basic survival items (food, shelter, and emergency medical care) are available to everyone as the system collapses.  Efforts by the cabal to shut down meat processing plants are one example of where the military has stepped in already.  You can confirm this by reading the executive orders below.

The EU is also falling apart along with the U.S. and is breaking up into its components states.

So, what comes next?  It’s hard to say how long the chaos will continue and worsen, but the worst will likely be over by this summer, Pentagon and other sources predict.

The real question though is if the collapse of the U.S. Corporation will flush out the secret space program and secret military technology that has been monopolized by the elite.  The WDS has reached out to the Nazis offering full amnesty (with the exception of child torturers and mass murderers).  We hope the unveiling of their secret space program will provide the U.S. and the rest of the world with the spark to start a new age of wonder.

No matter what though, the mass global awakening that has started can no longer be stopped.  Humanity is being liberated from millennia of slavery.

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