However, there are negotiations now taking place between representatives of the 2.4 billion-member British Commonwealth and the 1.5 billion-member Catholic Church to decide what to replace the U.S. corporate government with, according to P2 Freemasons and European royals involved in the negotiations.

The negotiations are being stalled by some medieval-minded people at the P2 Lodge who still think in terms of a battle against Islam.  As far as we can tell, the only really significant difference between Islam and Christianity is the issue of polygamy.  Anthropological data shows that almost every known society historically has practiced polygamy.  Also, the amount of homosexual men tends to be equal to the amount of men who cannot find wives because of polygamy.  This is evidenced from the actual creation and thus the Creator.  Furthermore, Western Christian countries that ban polygamy all have shrinking populations, while societies that practice polygamy all have growing populations.

In any case, while issues of this sort are delaying a final agreement, a broad consensus has already been reached to set up a meritocratically staffed world planning agency with an annual budget of at least $1 trillion, the sources say.  There is also agreement that the agency will finance human expansion into the universe, they add.

To this end, Pentagon sources confirm that “With Boeing against the ropes, the U.S. Air Force is preparing to declassify the secret space program to shake up the military-industrial complex and generate support for a space force.”  That means that finally, at the very least, Area 51 will reveal some of its secrets.

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Our CIA source in Southeast Asia meanwhile is reporting that the legendary gold treasures buried there are finally being moved as part of a reboot of the world financial system.  The evidence comes from an “explosion” at the Monas Monument in Indonesia, believed to be atop one of the largest gold hoards, the source says.

Here is his report:

“A senior Indonesian military source tells me, ‘The smoke bomb that was detonated by members of the Indonesian Army at the Monas Monument on Tuesday morning at 07:00 hrs was done as a diversion.  The tunnel is now operational.’  It looks like they are about to move the gold.

“The incident below shows what the group does when they want to make one of their own a scapegoat.  Take note of who is in the photo.  More diversion away from the real perpetrators, who are puppets for the Zionist cabal.

“I asked my contact, who is a member of Parliament in Jakarta, about this incident.  His reply was, ‘This type of importation into Indonesia is done on a daily basis.  The CEO of Garuda had bad luck and bad timing on his side.  Unbeknownst to him, he was chosen to be an example of how efficient the ministers are at tackling corruption.  They held a big press conference for the people, to show off, smile for the cameras, and get their names in the media.’

“I know for a fact that certain ministers in Jakarta have imported Ferrari and Lamborghini luxury sports cars into Indonesia without paying the import duty of up to 200%.  They are assisted by high-ranking customs officials who receive a nice commission for looking the other way.

“The Glencore investigation is about someone going for the jugular vein of the Zionist cabal.  It looks like the 13 families are fighting each other.  As you know, Glencore was founded by Marc Rich.  This is at the top of the financial pyramid for the Khazarian Zionist cabal.

“And from the above article, guess who is back in the limelight from the Gulf of Mexico oil spill:  one of the cabal puppets.

“In response to the DoJ investigation, with which the company also says it’s cooperating, Glencore set up a board committee to respond to a U.S. probe that included chairman and former BP Plc Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward.”

As a reminder, Glencore is the Rothschild corporation based in Zug, Switzerland.  For decades it was paying off both Iranian and Israeli government officials as they manipulated the world’s oil markets with their scam that “Iran must be bombed because they are going to get a nuclear weapon within a few months.”

If Glencore is taken out, you can be sure the BIS won’t be far behind.

The cornered Zionists, for their part, are now spreading rumors of some sort of nuclear incident on December 21st, the day of the winter solstice.  They have been warned that the Gnostic Illuminati still have three 500-megaton nuclear bombs at their disposal and will retaliate against any further Zionist mass murder attack.

To conclude this week’s report, we can report that a secret meeting is scheduled for Friday the 13th of December.  Its aim is to figure out the best way to end the Western civil war and start world peace.