The Pentagon sources also seem to be lashing out in all directions by noting, “Trump ordering U.S. corporations to leave China is a masterstroke against globalists, Zionists, the Deep State, and Wall Street to make America great again while increasing leverage for China to leave or demilitarize the South China Sea.”

The sources also hint that the U.S. military might occupy Greenland, “to create a U.S./Russia condominium of the Arctic to keep China out.”  However, Russian FSB sources make it clear that Russia is not about to join the U.S. against China.

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The Russian FSB, Japanese military police, British MI6, Indian government, and other sources make it clear, as mentioned above, that the world wants neither Chinese nor American rule.  The world also realizes that the current global stewardship is a disaster that needs to be replaced.  What to replace it with was the topic of an informal emergency G20 meeting held at the end of August, say British and Pentagon sources.

The Europeans, led by the French and the British, agreed that highest priority needed to be given to stop what MI6 sources describe as “omnicide”—the killing of all living things.  The widespread condemnation of Brazilian fires, deliberately destroying the Amazon, were the most visible aspect of this agreement.  However, MI6 sources note the same “omnicidal lunatics” behind the Brazilian fires were setting off even bigger fires in places like Siberia and Angola.

The good news is that military forces have been sent to all of these places to put the fires out.  This is a concrete sign that the world’s militaries are now being redeployed to protect the planet.

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Russian FSB sources also say they have cracked down on illegal fishing and logging in the Russian Far East.  This will cut off funds for Japanese crime gangs allied with the Abe regime, they say.

The other thing that happened at the emergency G20 meeting was that Iran’s foreign minister was invited to the meeting.  This was “another blow for the Zionists,” according to Pentagon sources, who also said that a meeting was now being planned between Trump and Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

The U.S. military is trying to reach a deal with Iran, Russia, and Turkey to permanently remove the radical Zionist faction that wants to rule the world from a country with borders ranging from the Euphrates to the Nile.  A Trump/Khamenei summit would be a sign such a deal has been reached.

The issue that has not yet been resolved is what to replace Zionist rule of the West with.  The Chinese totalitarian model, with universal facial recognition and Orwellian social credit scores, is a non-starter.  In this sense, the protesters in Hong Kong are making a valid point.  However, they are either naïve or else simply amoral mercenaries if they think the U.S. offers a better alternative.

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They fail to realize that the U.S. is, if anything, worse than communist China.  Ever since the year 2000 election was stolen and 9/11 was staged, the U.S. has been a fascist neo-Nazi (=neocon =Zionist) nightmare.  Elections there are now decided not by the people, but by special forces fighting for competing corporate mafia factions.  These corporate factions have been lowering living U.S. living standards by stealing from 90% of the population ever since the early 1970’s when the U.S. went off the gold standard.

The White Dragon Society (WDS) believes a better model would be a new system based on best practices in places like Singapore and the Scandinavian countries.  These countries have a de facto combination of meritocracy and democracy combined with a (relatively) free press.  As a result, they also have the highest living standards on earth as well as healthy natural environments.

The U.S. military is pushing for a global currency reset and moving nations to a “gold standard.”  Since they, like the Vatican, are a meritocracy, they also support meritocracy.

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The WDS believes that a new age can be started with a jubilee—a one-off cancellation of all debt, private and public, and a redistribution of ill-gotten assets.  The WDS also believes a truth and reconciliation process is needed so that the world can wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start.

If the current controllers do not step aside and allow for a peaceful transition, though, there will be, as the Pentagon threatens, mass arrests, deportations, chaos, and military rule as the old regime goes bankrupt in the absence of a viable replacement.

British royal sources who were briefed on the emergency G20 meeting said the WDS proposal for the world to be ruled by a committee representing 7 or so regions is being debated.  The regions being proposed are the Americas, Europe (including Russia), China, India, Africa, East Asia (minus China), and the Muslim world.  In this proposal, decisions would be reached by majority vote.  Each region would have a veto that only applied to them.  Thus, for example, if the majority decided to ban pork, the Chinese could veto this and continue eating pork in China.