December 5, 2013

What a privilege it was to be a part of this talk. Lots of amazing participation from the audience and a wealth of ground covered in a short period of time. The message continuing to be taking action and unifying our collective mission/vision. A highlight of the day for me was reading a Facebook post written by a man some of you will know from his associations with Adnan Sakli and previous conversations between he and Heather I have posted on this blog and American Kabuki. His name is Mike Cechanowicz and he showed up at the conference. We weren’t too sure what to expect from him, but were happy to have anyone and everyone at the event to participate in the discussion. He even told Lisa before it started that “he wasn’t there to cause any trouble.” In fact what happened was the opposite, he had an amazing sharing that assisted in inspiring all the attendees. Here is the post:

“OPAL, OPPT meeting in Norway today: The meeting today has brought into focus the understanding that no single group will be able to succeed in attaining their goals. “We are the ones we have been waiting for” was the focus of the meeting of at least 200 in Oslo today, It was suggested that the movement focus on the intention that every living being has, being that VITALITY is the direction of movement. It was a very positive experience that will continue to develop tomorrow. I wish you were there.”

We are collectively starting to see the light with all of this folks. It’s up to ALL of us to have the necessary conversations to get each other motivated to participate in such a pivotal time in our human evolution. More videos forthcoming.

This is it …….!

NOW is the time for YOU to take back the lead role in your own life ! It is time for you to realize that you are ABSENT LIMITS! It is time for you to see the world as a wonderful and fruitful place with ENDLESS possibilities.

We have never been alone here on Earth , nor in the Universe . We have been cut off from our brothers and sisters on other planets within and beyond our own solar system. Well, not any longer.

Free energy exists today and it is already available. It will no longer be required to pay for a free and inexhaustible resource. We will demonstrate this for you.

The truth is finding it’s way through to the light – within you . Want to know more about who you are , why you’re here right now, what the future will hold?

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